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i’ve finally got all my dreamies [even if zell is still hanging out in my cycle town] so time for a CELEBRATION GIVEAWAY! mystery bags [not all pictured] include streetpass/handheld items, furniture, genuine art, maybe a villager’s picture or two. who knows? IT’S A MYSTERY.


  • all winners get the same number of prizes
  • 90+ mystery bags [i won’t know the final number until the giveaway ends], split evenly between the 3 winners
  • each winner will get four blue and four purple roses!
  • also a 100% original dreamie from my cycle town!


  • first place gets first choice, second gets second, and third is last. easy enough, right?
  • winners have 24 hours to respond or i’ll choose a new winner. you must have your ask box open!
  • following this blog or my cycle town isn’t necessary, but appreciated if you like what i post [hint it’s 100% animal crossing]
  • one like, one reblog to enter. you can reblog as many times as you want, it won’t disqualify you, but as i’m lazy and tumblr only counts one reblog in the notes, that’s all i’ll be counting for entries.
  • you have to be patient with me as i try to get your dreamie. when you win, i’ll ask for your top 3 but will also let you know which one’s most likely [aka hasn’t come through yet]. i guarantee that i will get you a dreamie but it might take a while.
  • you have to be comfortable with giving me your FC and coming to my town[s] to pick up your prizes
  • ends july 31st at midnight est!


i relate to homura because im gay as hell and ruin everything